Logistics and supplies

Globus OJSC has a large logistics centre and its own network of cargo carriage which enables it to deliver the required goods within very short periods of time.


Globus OJSC is a traditional manufacturer bringing a wide range of office supplies to the world market.


The premium quality of the goods is assured by modern manufacturing technology and quality control systems.


As partner and supplier to a large number of the world's corporations, the Company is integrated into a transnational supply network

For over 50 years, Globus Open Joint Stock Company has been a traditional manufacturer bringing to the market a wide range of office supplies, primarily drawing tools for school and industry, from the simplest types to the most sophisticated.

The tools' workmanship and the materials chosen ensure long-lasting service. The tools are easy to use and ecologically safe. As we continuously expand our product range and the functional applications of drawing tool sets, we are devoting more and more time and effort to starting production of new types of office supplies which are popular with customers.


Nickel-plated steel compass, marking compass, calliper, pencil box with spare pencil lead, pencil holder, extender, needle receiver.
Office equipment
Paper clips
plastic package with suspender
Adjustable leg compass, pencil box with a spare pencil lead, pencil holder, extender, pencil sharpener.


‘Lyopa,’ a new collection of plasticine

Production of the new plasticine collection ‘Lyopa’ has begun  

School and office

All types of products feature individual colourful packaging with information in Russian and English. The products are placed in all-purpose, easy to carry crimp boxes. Soon, Globus OJSC plans to expand its market by introducing polymer coating technologies for steel products and producing a wider range of new office supplies.

The company's products have repeatedly won prizes and certificates of appreciation at Russian and international exhibitions. A new series of drawing sets has been recommended by the Russian Education Ministry for use in schools and institutions of higher learning and was entered in the Russian Quality - 100 Best Goods catalogue. The company was among the first to present its products at the Russian stand in Frankfurt-am-Main at the international office supplies forum “Paper World” in which it participates each year. Globus strives to provide high quality office supplies that rival the best western-made equivalents in terms of design and craftmanship. Affordable prices, good terms of delivery, excellent quality and ecological safety contribute to the outstanding reputation that Globus enjoys.